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Our Patients Say

pookieDr. Hone fixed my back so well that I so far haven’t even needed to go back for a tune-up. I lived with periodic lower back pain for years and now haven’t had a bit of it in six whole months. lt’s absolutely the best health investment I ever made! Belinda really straightened out a problem l had with my insurance and always accommodated my appointment needs on short notice. l really miss their little office dog, Pookie, she is a hoot!   Lyla A., West Seattle

I’ve had decent experiences with other chiropractors, but this office blows them all out of the water. They don’t have the typical attitude most of them have, “Yes, you’ll need to come back every 2 weeks for the rest of your life or your spine will degenerate.” They actually fix what’s wrong and send you on your merry way. The doctor and staff are professional. Highly recommended! James W., Kent

Dr. Hone was amazing and helped me through a really tough time with my back. At injury onset, l could barely walk and had to take cabs to see him. He is extremely caring and patient which was important to me at such a vulnerable time. His receptionist, Belinda, is the nicest medical staff person l have ever met
Selma C., Burien

Both Belinda and Dr. Hone are caring and professional. They really want patients to feel better fast and not have to keep coming back more than is necessary. Even Pookie is always glad to see me with her adorable “rooing” greeting and wagging tail. l am glad my boss referred me there. Candice P., Renton

I have never had a better spinal adjustment, ever. Been to many chiropractic clinics over the years. Dr. Hone is very skilled & knowledgeable on many different topics. For instance, he’s qualified in extremities & will adjust my elbows, hands, knees etc. If you are looking for relief, go to Southwest Chiropractic Clinic. You’ll be so happy you did.  Martin M., Mercer Island

I started seeing Doc Hone in the mid 80s. I eventually moved to Ellensburg. I tried a couple of chiros over here but liked what he did better. So I would get on my Harley and ride over to White Center a couple times a year if needed. He has a little place over here now and me and few others see him when he is in town if needed. Dale W., Ellensburg

In 2001 I developed shingles. I had a lot of red blotches around by mouth. I went to my medical doctor who prescribed medication. It wasn’t working very well. Someone suggested trying Dr. Hone. He said it was helpful for some people. It sure was helpful for me. They began to clear up immediately and the pain was gone in 2 days. I was a letter carrier at the time and sometimes experienced lower back pain. I received some treatments for that and was shown a position to lie in on the floor for 15-20 minutes in the evening after work to counteract the effect of carrying the mail bag each day. It really works well. I have returned for checkups periodically since then. The staff is friendly and I like the fact that they try to find a solution for the problem rather than just keep treating it. Karen F., Burien (Karen is the woman who came up the idea of retiring the Seahawks 12th Man Jersey in 1984. She was given the No. 12 Seahawk Jersey during a ceremonial presentation. She still places the Jersey on her chair while watching each game.)

I saw Dr. Hone after I was involved in a pretty serious car accident in 1998. After being released from the hospital, l continued to experience daily headaches as well as intense upper back and neck pain. I was in my early 20s and worked as a cashier. I had to reduce my schedule to part-time. He uses an instrument to perform the treatment which is unbelievably effective and completely painless. I began to notice some improvement within one week. After 2 weeks, the headaches were greatly reduced. I felt almost back to normal and was working full-time again after one month. He showed me some simple things to do to strengthen and improve my neck and upper back. My treatment was completed in about 2 months and I had no further problems. I am married now and we both get our spines checked occasionally similar to getting check ups with our dentist. I like their policy that if no treatment is necessary after checking my spine, there is no charge! Sheryl T., Shoreline

I had lower back pain and pain across my lower neck and shoulders for many years. It didn’t limit my activities very much but it made me feel ready to sit down by the end of the day. I didn’t want to take pain killers all the time. Massage was helpful but it would slowly come back. I decided to try chiropractic. Dr. Hone traced it back to a car accident l had about 15 years ago. l was told at the time that l had whiplash and that it would slowly heal. He sent me up to Highline for X-rays of my neck. They showed some deterioration in my spinal discs that was gradually becoming permanent. I started treatment for my lower back and my neck. Both improved. Because of the worn discs, he showed me how I can help to take care of my neck at home. It is easy and really helps. The office is always friendly and helpful. Anne F., Federal Way

I had bad pain in my lower back, hips and shoulders. My neck was always sore and I had headaches. The pain was keeping me from doing normal activities such as gardening, walking and climbing. I had to take aspirin and ibuprofen. I was referred by Group Health for chiropractic care. My pain level has improved. I am able to do more activities with much less pain than before. Dr. Hone and his staff are great. He is very gentle and caring and everyone is so friendly. Michelle S., Renton

This office saved my spine! I am so grateful that I found Dr. Hone’ s clinic. It was a mess when I started seeing him 5 years ago and he really helped me get my body back to a place where I can move and feel good. I have operated heavy equipment for many years and my back, knees and shoulders hurt all the time. I couldn’t raise my arms above my shoulders. After the first shoulder treatment, each arm went right up to my ear WITHOUT ANY PAIN ! That was it—no more frozen shoulders. The knees took about 3-4 weeks to stop hurting. He knows his stuff and is practical. He showed me a simple stretch for my shoulders that takes no longer than 4 minutes 2-3 times a week in the evening after work. It keeps them from tightening up again. The “exercises” for my lower back, if the pain from bouncing around on a dozer all day begins to return, is to lay on my living room rug (in a position he showed me) and watch television or take a nap for 1/2 hour! It works. The friends I’ve sent up there have had the same kind of results. David S., Des Moines

I had back pain in the center of my lower back for six months. It just started slowly and progressed. Physical activity made it worse. It was affecting me at work and when playing baseball. A friend suggested trying a chiropractor when the medication wasn’t doing much. He suggested this office. They didn’t need to order any X-rays to find my problem. After the second treatment, l could sleep all night without waking up. He gradually reduced my follow-up visits for about a month and gave me an exercise to help. Everything was back to normal in 3-4 Weeks. Sometimes I goof myself up doing something and go back there to get straightened out. Belinda always gets me right in if I am hurting. Leon D., Federal Way

I had a serious dizzy spell that started in 1995. One doctor thought I had a TIA. I felt like I was falling even while sitting. They did an EEG and said it was normal. Medications were not helping. I was referred to Dr. Hone who determined one of my neck vertebrae was out and pressing on my brain stem. After the first adjustment, it never happened again. He gave me exercises to do to strengthen my neck muscles. I decided to continue seeing Dr. Hone for general spinal adjustments, if needed, every six weeks. I am able to exercise vigorously every day and enjoy perfect health. Not too bad for a 71-year-old. Sharon K., Burien

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